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Delegation transport: a task requiring great attention and organization.

The expectations are very high for both the vehicle and the driver. An aesthetic appearance, communication skills, and knowledge of foreign languages are essential. Our drivers are trained security chauffeurs; for personal protection, please request a separate offer.

Transport your delegation or VIP guests with us!

Our drivers are trained security chauffeurs and are also trained in first aid. Our vehicles are fully equipped and capable of transporting both passengers and luggage.

VIP guests and world stars

Whether it’s a business delegation or transporting a world star, we have extensive experience, and thanks to our knowledge of foreign languages, we can communicate with the transported individuals.

Mercedes kisbusz bérlés sofőrrel
Delegation Transport - Minibusz Budapest 1

Feel at ease with our bodyguards!

Our team, because – the most important foundation of this job is a good team, has extensive professional experience and modern technical equipment.

Transporting delegations from one location to another, accurately and safely!

With our commitment to safety and speed, our driver team ensures that your priorities are met. Our drivers are trained security chauffeurs (with PAV 1 certification) and, if necessary, provide personal protection. We use the latest communication technology to ensure your delegates feel safe and comfortable.

Delegation Transport - Minibusz Budapest 2

Delegation and VIP transport tailored to your needs!

We take the burden off your shoulders; entrust the task to professionals!

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